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Acceptance of Terms:

By using this website and any other Future sites operated by our company, you agree to the following terms: The financial statements of the future are prepared for the purpose of reporting on its business. All transactions will be recorded in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as set forth by American Institute

This means that certain items do not need double-entry accounting because it is assumed these actions have already been taken into consideration when making decisions about them during previous periods. For example, the depreciation on fixed assets has already been taken into account when initial purchasing it.
Finally, an example of this would be to use revenues in determining net income; instead of using operating revenues, not including interest and taxes to determine profits.
The following terms govern your rights to use any content or materials that you find on this website. You may use them for your own personal, non-commercial use only. We require that you do not remove any copyright or other proprietary notices from the materials you access, download, reproduce or transmit on this site.


The copyright in the material on this Website or any other Future Site or server, excluding Content but including all other information and data related thereto such as text messages with music files that make up a majority of their content; sound recordings made through voice recognition software when spoken aloud while reading from an input document into another program generating output which can be heard without conversion back to written form – these are examples only because I’ve simply listed them here rather than providing a legal definition under “Content.”

Any reproduction or use of these materials without written permission is strictly prohibited. This Website contains many quotes attributed to famous people throughout history used either with their express written consent or as fair use for commentary about the quote itself.

All Rights Reserved: 

You do not have any right, interest, or title in the Material unless otherwise expressly indicated above (e.g., by a trademark symbol). The Trade Marks contained on this Website are registered and owned by Future or one of its group companies; you may use them only with our permission through prior written consent from us first – which is unlikely given how common these logos seem to be for commercial purposes!

You are permitted to print or download only so much of this material for your personal use, but none of it may be used in any way that would jeopardize Future’s ownership rights over what was shared with you (including public display).

Content Submitted to the Website:

any information, data, text, or other materials uploaded onto the site is referred to as “Content.” This includes all sorts of media from sound files and photographs to videos—even messages exchanged between users! As the future of any Content, Future does not control what is posted on our site and cannot guarantee its accuracy. As such we won’t be liable in any way whatsoever for its content; this includes removing or editing any post without notice at our discretion!


it’s important to know that no one has a perpetual right to use your work and distribute or license the content in any form. This means they cannot make copies of this material without permission from you as well! Additionally, anyone using their works must also agree not only on moral rights but also according Act 1988 (as amended) which grants people protection against unauthorized public performances/displaying of copyright-protected material for instance through filmmaking, etc., if there are other countries whose laws provide equivalent protections then those should suffice too


You acknowledge and agree that downloads which are accessed on or via a Future Site (“Downloads”) can be subject to certain rights of license. You do not own intellectual property in these files, but your use may still be governed by end-user license agreements if those terms have been posted publicly online as well! In order for you as an individual consumer/user thereof-to make sure this won’t conflict with any other laws or regulations-, section 7 provides pertinent information regarding where people should look when they want more details about legal restrictions pertaining to particular products such as music downloading websites like iTunes etcetera.

Member Conduct:

You agree that when using the Website or any other Future Site, you will not upload, post, or otherwise transmit content that violates the rights (including intellectual property) of a third party. This includes but is not limited to: uploading anything illegal in nature; posting compromising photos without consent – this also goes for images containing nudity(both male and female); inappropriate language/insults towards certain religions like Judaism & Islam etc.; racist comments about black people being worse than animals; sexually explicit material involving minors. You should know where your limits are because if something appears unclear then don’t do it! restrict or inhibit any person from using this website, including uploading unnecessary and repetitive content such as images that have been previously uploaded. upload only when absolutely necessary! do not obstruct the visitor experience by posting inappropriate material on our site. You are aware that the use of this website and others is not without risk. It’s important to keep your password secure in order to access member sections.


if we find out someone has abused their suspension by accessing unauthorized content they will be held liable for all damages incurred related directly to those breaches including costs necessary repairs etc.


If you provide any information on or through this Website, we’ll use it in accordance with our privacy policy. That means that if we learn about something interesting from your visit and want to share it with other people who also enjoy using the site (or printouts), then all they need is their own copy of these terms so long as those copies are made at least once per year.


The information on this website is intended for informational purposes only. All implied warranties, terms and conditions relating to the use of any Future site (whether linked or not), Third-Party websites, material/content(including links)either posted by us heretofore included without limitation including but not limited to accuracy completeness satisfactory quality performance merchantability fitness purpose specialty non-infringement title shall henceforth be excluded

This passage clearly states that all warranty exclusions apply between future users & those who have visited our pages.

We hope you enjoy browsing this website and any Future sites or servers. We provide all information on an “as-is” basis, meaning there are no warranties of any kind! However in some limited cases (like if something goes wrong), we will do our best to help—we just ask that you send us an email at [email protected]

You should be aware that the remedies available to you pursuant to this Web site’s terms are not exclusive and may not apply in whole or part depending on your location. It is ultimately up to each visitor/user themselves whether they want these protections, so ensure compliance with local law if necessary before accessing any content from our site!

NO Recommendation OR invitation to Invest:

The information on this website does not constitute an offer to buy or sell shares. Recommendations from others who may have more experience than us about what’s worth investing in at any given time etcetera- there are many factors that go into making decisions such as these but we can’t give specific advice because of confidentiality agreements so please do some Googling.


(As amended from time to time) constitute the entire agreement between you, concerning your use of this Website or any other Site or Server. They supersede all previous arrangements made by us in relation to such matters; so please read them carefully before using our service for future transactions/questions – as if there was no update coming up next week! If we do indeed post some new terms on here then they’ll be applicable straight away but it won’t affect past deals unless signed off explicitly through written correspondence proving the acceptance.

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